The artist Renate Rubini has been working with a variety of conceptual artists the last half decade. She got listened on Norwegian radio with the two Swedish artists Timbuktu & Promoe in 2011. Rubini has experimented with many different music projects While travelling around the world.  She created & recorded her EP ("Mind") on Vinyl in London during these travels. Renate is now crazy the voice of Bogota records, another House label, about her sound.


Recently she was told to stick to one genre to please and make it easier on the audience to understand her music, but her only reply was " I need to explore, to grow as an artist". So she continued to experiment and discover more about her unique sound & self.

As of 11th September 2014, Renate released her first album ‘SOMETIMES’, a Jazz/Soul & Rhythm  record- in cooperation with the Norwegian classical composer ‘Runar Andersen’.


Renate’s tireless energy to create will her fans reward when at the end of October 2014 another project in another genre will be released. In cooperation with Mammacitas and DatMusic; Skitzo.

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